• The science of movement...anatomy in motion.

  • With extensive preparatory Pilates and Gyrotonic instruction, our instructors provide an encouraging and challenging environment for all fitness levels.

  • Our mission is to listen, evaluate and create a personalized fitness program tailored to your needs, lifestyle and profile.

  • Strong core muscles are key for a strong golf swing and strong game. We design a conditioning program that corrects muscular imbalances, which helps prevent injuries, increases flexibility & stability, and refines balance. By building core strength you develop a platform essential for improved golf.

  • Pilates & Gyrotonic® help strengthen your core muscles, which supports your whole body providing balance and natural movement. Hunterdon Pilates targets core muscles in every exercise, which builds structural stability, improve flexibility, and improves balance.

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Pilates is a method of exercise that incorporates the mind and body.

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Gyrotonic exercise method uses principles that offer balanced conditioning of the body that create strength and length, while articulating the joints in a fluid and rhythmic flow.

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Certified Instructors

Our certified Pilates instructors have a background in fitness, gymnastics, exercise rehabilitation and personal training.

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